Q: How do I get an Alumni ID card?
A: You can join the Member Advantage Program for an Annual fee of $25.00 or a Lifetime membership fee of $500.00, payable over two years. The ID card gives you access to the campus, discounts at the museum gift shop, bookstore and local hotels and restaurants. Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for more information.
Q: How do I obtain an official transcript?
A: Please visit the 'transcripts (online ordering)' page.
Q: I lost my diploma and need another copy. How can I go about getting another one?
A: The Office of the Registrar is where you can obtain another copy of your diploma. A letter must be sent with the following information:

   Full Name, Address, Social Security Number, Class Year and Major

   A money order or cashier's check made out to Hampton University in the amount of $75.00 must accompany the letter and can be sent to the above address.
   The estimated time is around 4-6 weeks to order and send out the replacement diploma.
Q: How can I obtain another copy of my yearbook?
A: The office of University Relations has some copies of yearbooks from limited years. Please contact them at (757) 727-5253. The cost of a yearbook is $20.00 and a money order or cashier's check made out to Hampton University must accompany your request. Include a letter with the following information:

    Name, Address, Phone Number, Class Year

    Send to:
    University Relations
    Multi-Use Facility
    Hampton University
    Hampton, Virginia 23668

Q: I just moved and need to update my information. How can I do that?
A: You can send you information by email to the Office of Alumni Affairs at alumni@hamptonu.edu or you can fax it to us at (757) 727-5994. You can also send you information by mail to:

    The Office of Alumni Affairs
    Hampton University
    Hampton, Virginia 23668

It is very important that you fill out the entire form to ensure that you are updated properly.
Q: How do I inform the Office of Alumni Affairs of an alumnus who is deceased or has just passed away?
A: You will need to contact us at (757) 727-5425 or you can email us at alumni@hamptonu.edu or send it to the above address and provide the following information:

    Name of the person deceased
    Date of death
    Class Year of the person
    Address and telephone number of the family of the deceased
    Your name and telephone number

If possible, please provide a copy of the obituary or memorial program so it can be placed in their file.
Q: I am interested in obtaining a license plate with the Hampton University seal on it. Can I get one no matter where I live?
A:Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office to determine if the Hampton University license plate is available in your state.
Q: I'm interested in taking a tour of the campus. Is there a department that makes those arrangements?
A: The office of Admissions makes those arrangements. You can contact them at (757) 727-5328. Listen to the selection menu.
Q: I want to have my wedding on campus at the Memorial Church. Who do I need to contact to make those arrangements?
A: You will need to contact the Office of the Chaplain at 757-727-5340 about those arrangements. They will also let you know if there is a fee and if the date you want is available.