Twenty Year Alumnus Award

The Twenty Year Alumnus Award is given each year during the University's Commencement Ceremony, to an alumnus celebrating their twentieth year graduating from Hampton University, for outstanding contributions to Hampton University.

Twenty Year Alumnus Award Winners

2014 Mrs. Victoria Jones Gogo
2013 Mrs. Leslie D. J. Patterson
2012 Attorney Carla Archie
2011 Dr. Damian L. Covington
2010 Dr. George Pugh, Jr.
2009 Mr. William S. Parrish, Jr.


  1. At least one earned academic degree from Hampton University.
  2. Outstanding achievement in a professional or chosen field of endeavor.
  3. Achievement which has brought local, state or national recognition to the alumnus.
  4. Outstanding service rendered in support of alumni and/or University programs at the local, regional or national level.
  5. Alumnus must be present at the Commencement Ceremony


  1. Be nominated by Hampton University's administrators, faculty, or alumni using the "Nomination For Twenty Year Alumnus Award" form.
  2. All completed nominations shall be forwarded to the Office of Alumni Affairs, Hampton University.
  3. Alumni Affairs Director forwards nominations and related documents to the Executive Assistant to the President, Hampton University.


Nominations with complete packet must be submitted to the Alumni Director by March 31, 2017. The Alumni Director will forward nominations to the Executive Assistant to the President by April 10, 2017.


Recognition at the University’s Commencement Ceremony.

Nomination Form

Download the Twenty Year Alumnus Award Nomination Form (Adobe PDF)»